What It Takes To Be A Divorce Solicitor

Divorce is one of the most difficult, stressful experiences anyone can go through. It requires a lot of hard and soft skills to deal with all the different issues involved.

Divorce solicitors Glasgow can be a source of strength and comfort for their clients. They should have these qualities in order to make the whole process easier and less stressful for both sides.

Education And Training

Divorce lawyers must have a strong educational background, including analytical, writing and critical thinking skills. They also need to pass the bar exam and stay up to date with changes in family law.

Those interested in becoming divorce solicitors should start by earning a bachelor’s degree. They should also take the LSAT, which will help them get into law school to study subjects like family law, property law and custody laws.

Once they earn their law degree, divorce attorneys must pass the bar exam to become licensed to practice. Afterward, they should work for an established family lawyer to gain experience and knowledge of the field. This is also a great way to build a network of fellow family law attorneys.

Legal Skills

Divorce attorneys are trained professionals who help their clients determine whether to legally separate, divorce or annul their marriage. They work with clients to prepare paperwork and submit it to the courts. They also provide advice and guidance to their clients during the process.

Divorce lawyers often deal with sensitive issues that can be emotionally draining for their clients. This means that they must have excellent interpersonal and social skills to effectively manage tense conversations and negotiations. They also need to be able to maintain composure and professionalism, especially in court cases that can get heated.

Client Care

When a divorce lawyer meets with a client for the first time, it’s important that the attorney listens to the individual and understands their situation. Clients can come to that initial consultation feeling stressed, apprehensive or sad and the lawyer needs to be sensitive to those emotions.

A good lawyer will ask the client to provide a summary of what’s happening in their marriage. For instance, the attorney will want to know if there’s been abuse or addiction problems, which can help determine the nature of any settlement agreements.

A skilled divorce attorney will try to steer the case away from a battle in court and toward collaborative options like mediation, which can save clients money and stress.


While it’s normal to feel stress, apprehension, or sadness when you first meet with a divorce lawyer, it is also important that you be open and honest about your ideal outcome for custody, visitation, property division, and alimony. In addition, be prepared to answer questions about what financial assets you and your spouse hold (checking, savings, and investment accounts), as well as any real estate holdings.

In order to choose the right attorney for your situation, you should interview several candidates. Ask about their experience and approach. For example, some attorneys favor a collaborative style that aims to reduce conflict and settle divorce matters outside of court.