Why are women’s health tests needed?

If you haven’t had the chance to schedule a doctor’s visit for an overall health check-up, now is the time! Certain women’s health tests yearly help ensure good reproductive and overall health. 

During these health check-ups, your doctor might analyze your results and share certain information regarding avoiding specific diseases in the future. These follow-up appointments also allow you to ask any questions you have regarding your health.

Here are a few reasons emphasizing the importance of women’s health tests:

  1. Creating a  foundation of care: keeping up with the annual women’s health tests counts in as an excellent present for yourself; it is the baseline level of health care and a good opportunity for you to meet your health care professional, discussing your health, and way to ensure a healthier future. 
  2. The best way to monitor your health: This is very different than visiting your doctor for flu and fever; doctors use these tests to examine your overall health and any underlying conditions that might be unknown to you. These tests are performed based on age and depend highly on your family history associated with diseases. In addition, these appointments help encourage you to shift to a better lifestyle.
  3. Women’s health tests examine many different things: These appointments cater to many different health needs, especially the gynaecological health of the patient. Keeping in mind the patient’s age and lifestyle, your physician can measure vital health components like weight, height, pulse, and blood pressure. 
  4. Examining for future risks: Before you go in for a proper exam, your doctor might ask you to gather all detail regarding your personal and medical history. Studying all these old records may help your physician to detect any possibilities of future risks that you might have regarding your health; for instance, if one of your first-degree family members is currently facing breast cancer, it might be likely that you have inherited the gene as well. 
  5. Women’s health exams grow as you age: Not only do they help you keep up with dangerous diseases like cervical cancer before any symptoms come along, they tend to make you feel healthy and fit as you age. For example, at puberty, you might have questions regarding your body changing. Health appointments can accommodate them; the same is true for women going through menopause. Phases like puberty and menopause hold a lot of importance in a woman’s life; thus, it’s essential to stay up to date regarding them. 

Young woman in medical outfit looking ahead while wearing mask on face with pen in her right hand above notebook


Keeping up with proper fitness check-ups can always come  in handy when aiming to lead a healthy lifestyle. Taking up preventing measures to stay away from diseases is always a better idea rather than looking out for a cure. Many diseases can turn more problematic over the years if proper treatment management isn’t followed over the course. Contact your healthcare professional to schedule appointments for women’s health tests and keep up with them time to time. You may also prefer consulting, oncologists, gynaecologists & ophthalmologists alongside general physicians for a complete body check-up.