A Brief History Of Texas

A Brief History of Texas

The history of Texas can be traced back to its earliest recorded years. The written history of Texas starts with the discovery of the New World by the first Spanish conquests in the new region of North America then referred to as Texas. The capture and occupation of this new land by the Spanish did not end there, but was just the beginning. Over the next few centuries the Spanish would expand their influence into all areas of Mexico and into Central America, bringing a wealth of experience in building and fostering a rich culture there.

The Beginning Of Texas

The early years of the new country were rocky and hard for those Native Americans who survived the Spanish attacks. The few possessions they had been lost or stolen by the invaders. This caused a depletion of their stock, especially of the leather, which was the product most useful to them at that time. As the years passed, trade with other countries also became more important to them, especially Europe, giving them more opportunities to trade for their natural resources. This gave them the means to build a stronger economy and to provide for their people.

The 18th century saw an expansion of the country’s territory as the settlers headed west. When Mexico had difficulty supporting and paying the vast numbers of newly arriving settlers, the westerners would instead form their own governments, for institutions, and even set up townships. Relationships with other countries also became much closer, as the United States became one of the leading nations in the world.


Historical Changes In The State

As the years went on, the cowboy revolution broke out. Many of the early trappers and hunters were former slaves who were able to help the fledgling country through their experiences. Throughout the decades the state continued to grow. It became a significant industrial and commercial state. In the early twentieth century, with the Great Depression still hanging over the country, the massive agricultural production made possible by the state’s fertile soil and cheap labour made Texas the largest producer of cotton in the world.

In the past century, the city of Houston was built. The growth of the metropolis resulted in the political clout of the oil industry. Many oil millionaires are from Texas. The development of this area has also meant the increased prevalence of medical treatments that are less expensive than in the past and have fewer unpleasant side effects for the patient.

Travel And Transport For Texas

Traveling to the state of Texas is extremely easy. It is widely accepted across the United States and it can be reached by air, land, and sea. You can also go hiking, golfing, or participate in various outdoor activities. There is a lot to see and do when you find out more about this states intriguing history. Texas is now one of many of the United States transport hubs. You can travel by many different forms of transport in order to reach this busy and bustling state. One of the most popular forms of travel to and from is Texas is normally by bus or coach.