Day 2 Lateral Flow Testing To Replace The Common PCR For Vaccinated Travellers

After numerous negotiations for a cheaper day 2 lateral flow testing for arrivals in the UK, it is finally becoming a reality. International travellers who have had two jabs and are travelling out of a non-red listed country shall benefit from the anticipated adjustment in travel restrictions. These lateral flow tests, commonly known as the fast antigen test, replace the PCR for those eligible from October 24, 2021. The Government authorized quick and inexpensive rapid antigen testing kits for pre-departure testing while travelling overseas and for arrivals returning from a non-red nation, however still subject to traveller’s vaccination status. The quick antigen test is predicted to be less than half the price of the notoriously expensive PCR, which costs about £25, giving it a cost-effective option.

How To Interpret The Lateral Flow Test?

A fast antigen test should be performed like a PCR test, using a nose or throat swab, with the help of a simple device that subsequently determines if a person is afflicted with a coronavirus infection. The results of this test are generally available within a half-hour.

The process for doing a lateral flow or antigen testing is identical to a PCR test, except that the tests package includes a testing instrument that provides rapid results on the spot and does not require to be sent to a laboratory. Travellers performing the tests at home have a leaflet included in their home tests kits explaining every step involved in the self-testing process. After taking the swab, they only have to dip it inside a tube containing a solution that dilutes the sample. The next step involves inserting the swab for one end of the porous strips inside a test cartridge. The test looks for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (proteins) inside the body.

Lateral Flow Test

Who Qualifies For Quarantine Exemption And Reduced Testing Procedures?

Completely vaccinated has been described as “having received a full course of an authorized vaccine at the very least 14 days before their arrival to England.” The day the person takes the last dosage is not counted among the 14 days,” stipulated by the Government. Furthermore, kids are treated as if they have been completely vaccinated based on their age and place of residence.

Booking A Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

The antigen test may be ordered starting October 22, with extensive use beginning on October 24. The day 2 lateral flow test must be scheduled and paid for before travelling to England and must be taken on day two after arriving in England. When the test is planned, passengers must fill out a Passenger Locator Forms (PLF) 48 hours before arrival.
Always look for test providers that offer accurate and economical coronavirus PCR & antigen testing and are on the government-approved website.


Travellers should be aware that the antigen test by the NHS is free of charge, can’t be used for travel and won’t be accepted by airline companies as proof.
As previously indicated, lateral flow tests should be pre-booked, and the reservation reference number should be submitted into the Passenger Locator Forms (PLF) that is presented upon arrival to England.
The Government has instituted an antigen test verification procedure; passengers using a home kit must provide a picture of the test and the reservation reference to a private provider, who will then validate it.

What About Unvaccinated People?

The regulations remain unchanged as before., i.e. must take a pre-departure test before the travel. Additionally, testing must be planned and paid for before arrival, including the Day 2 lateral flow test, Day 8 test, and the Passenger Locator Forms reservation reference. Depending on the laws, self-isolation may be required upon arrival.