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Electricity Solutions

An ill-prepared power grid to deal with extreme cold situations has failed in several places. The biggest problems seem to have arisen in the supply of natural gas, which normally supplies much of the state’s electricity during the winter, because wellheads and pipelines froze. And the problem isn’t just that the lights are gone – people are freezing too...

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Oil Prices

However, industry executives are optimistic about the future, saying that their business will recover in 2021, when vaccine distribution accelerates and economic activity rises from the depths of the pandemic crisis. For most of last year, investors were at odds with Exxon, and on Wall Street it was rumored that the company would cut its dividends to preserve cash.

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Electric Cars and Texas?

The situation in Texas is dire. A state not accustomed to snow and frost sees the number of deaths from the cold increase every day. How is it possible? The technical explanations are coming out these days, for sure it is that up to 3 million people are left without electricity according to data. Running out of electricity in Texas can mean being completely cut off from the world.

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A Brief History Of Texas

A Brief History of Texas The history of Texas can be traced back to its earliest recorded years. The written history of Texas starts with the discovery of the New World by the first Spanish conquests in the new region of North America then referred to as Texas. The capture and occupation of this new

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About Texas

The state of Texas has some characteristics that distinguish it from all the others quite markedly. First of all the size, it is among the largest states in the USA and, compared to the European ones, it is the largest compared to the others. This creates a large spatial dimension but also generates inevitable internal

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Discovering Austin, Houston and San Antonio

The State of Texas Austin is the capital of Texas, named in honor of Stephen Austin, one of those men who fought for Texas’ independence from Mexico and Spain. Austin is recommended for technology lovers, due to its developed hi-tech industry and for music lovers, so much so that it has been nicknamed “The live

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